Dirk a.k.a @macenzo on Instagram is a amateur photographer living in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

Having a history in graphic design made him love to capture the ‘lines of the city’, he defines his work as PhotoGraphic.

He often abstract the images by isolating the forms and uses the power of repetition to create a rhythm pleasant to the eye.

“I see a big connection between architecture and graphic design. It’s all about shapes, form, layout and patterns as well as constructing things, putting things together. The way I view and shoot the world is strongly influenced by this love.”

He is one of the founding members of @SeeMyCity, an international city marketing initiative based on advanced and creative mobile photography and social media.

His work has been featured and published on many websites and magazines around the world, such as Archilovers, Architectural Digest, Architizer, Worldphoto, Businessinsider, Huffingtonpost and ArchDaily. See Publications for complete summary.

Having a total social media reach of over 430.000 followers with strong engagement he is a well known social media influencers in the Netherlands and highly ranked worldwide.

You can find him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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